SAT, MARCH 23, 2024 • S1 E76 • 1 HR 5 MIN 44 SEC

Manifesting Mastery: A Journey with Darcy Volden

Join us for a captivating conversation with Darcy Volden, a manifesting mastery teacher, reality creation coach, and master channel of sound frequency and light language. Darcy shares her remarkable journey of transformation, from battling weight issues and societal pressures to embracing her true self and manifesting her dreams.

Discover Darcy's powerful insights into the mindset shifts needed to create lasting change and overcome self-limiting beliefs. From her own experiences of shedding over 130 pounds to navigating abusive relationships and societal expectations, Darcy offers valuable wisdom on finding inner peace and alignment.

Explore the transformative power of light language and sacred sound ceremonies in reconnecting with your divine essence and manifesting abundance in all areas of life. Darcy's authenticity and vulnerability shine through as she shares personal stories and practical tools for stepping into your highest potential.

Whether you're seeking guidance on manifesting your desires, cultivating self-love, or embracing your unique gifts, this episode offers inspiration and empowerment to live a life of joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Tune in and embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and manifesting mastery with Darcy Volden.

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Todays Dream Tomorrows Reality


SAT, MARCH 23, 2024


1 HR 5 MIN 44 SEC