MON, JANUARY 8, 2024 • S1 E56 • 1 HR 3 MIN 23 SEC

Unlocking Inner Wisdom: Nadia Dubiel’s Guide to Intuition and Self-Development

 In this episode, join us for an inspiring conversation with Nadia Dubiel, a coach and speaker who has transformed her life and now empowers others to do the same. Nadia opens up about her journey from battling depression and insecurity, using alcohol to escape, to finding her true self and building a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Living on a picturesque island and working alongside her mentor, Nadia is now paving the way to open her own school, sharing her wisdom and insights worldwide.

Discover the power of intuition and self-awareness as Nadia dives into the concept of shadow work. Learn how confronting deep-seated beliefs from our past can free us from self-sabotage, opening doors to a world where intuition provides profound insights beyond what the ego can perceive.

Nadia also discusses the challenges of maintaining focus, particularly for 'sevens' in the Enneagram who are naturally prone to distraction. Her practical advice involves setting daily intentions and taking inspired actions, all while balancing the creative tension in our lives.

The episode further explores the benefits of personality frameworks like the Enneagram in overcoming ego-led behaviors. Plus, experience a transformative 'innocence' meditation led by Nadia, designed to tap into your intuitive wisdom for more focused and meaningful creations.

Nadia's story is a beacon of hope and transformation, showing how personal struggles can lead to discovering one's true potential. If you're interested in diving deeper into personal alchemy and creative manifestation, Nadia extends an invitation to her coaching services and recommends exploring William's "Create Your Destiny" course. She has included a speacial link for you to get more information about CYD.

Join us for this heartening episode and take a step towards mastering your own destiny.

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MON, JANUARY 8, 2024


1 HR 3 MIN 23 SEC