WED, JULY 19, 2023 • S1 E34 • 1 HR 15 MIN 40 SEC

"Embracing Cosmic Awakening: Navigating Your Soul's Path with Rev. Jen Post"

Welcome to "Today's Dream, Tomorrow's Reality" podcast, where we explore the profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. In this episode, we are honored to have Rev. Jen Post, also known as Cosmic Goddess BlueStar, join us. Rev. Jen is a renowned Earth and Multidimensional guide with extraordinary gifts and a deep connection to the cosmic realms.

Join us as we delve into Rev. Jen's captivating story of transformation. Discover how the tragic loss of her son's friend became a catalyst for her own spiritual awakening and ignited a profound shift in her consciousness. Rev. Jen opens up about her personal journey of healing, self-discovery, and how she channeled her gifts to become an empowered guide and teacher.

Rev. Jen's wide range of expertise encompasses Reiki, star seed galactic teachings, spiritual counseling, angelic energy healing, past life regression therapy, and much more. We delve into her role as an oracle of the Akashic Records and the profound insights she gains through Soul Plan Blueprint Chart Readings. Learn how these readings provide guidance and clarity on one's soul's mission, assisting individuals in embracing their psychic abilities and activating their light bodies.

During our conversation, we also explore Rev. Jen's role in anchoring the 5th-dimensional light codes and frequencies into the Earth's template. Discover how she and other Light Workers are co-creating a new world rooted in love, light, and empowerment, liberating humanity from fear, control, and powerlessness.

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Todays Dream Tomorrows Reality


WED, JULY 19, 2023


1 HR 15 MIN 40 SEC