WED, OCTOBER 11, 2023 • S1 E39 • 1 HR 7 MIN 20 SEC

Intuitive Nourishment: Marigol Era's Revolutionary Approach to Parenting and Ayurveda

Join us on 'Today's Dream, Tomorrow's Reality' as we navigate the enlightening world of Marigol Era. Far from traditional parenting norms, Marigol has pioneered a unique approach: 'unschooling' her children in the realm of nutrition. By teaching them to deeply connect with and listen to their bodies, she empowers them to understand and appreciate the true essence of food.

As an Ayurveda coach, Marigol intertwines ancient wisdom with modern understanding, fostering an environment where children are equipped to make informed choices about their diet. Rather than succumbing to societal food cravings, her method cultivates a genuine relationship between the individual and their sustenance.

Tune in to discover Marigol's innovative techniques, delve into the interesting account of how this developed in her children, and learn how intuitive eating can revolutionize one's relationship with food and overall well-being. 

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Todays Dream Tomorrows Reality


WED, OCTOBER 11, 2023


1 HR 7 MIN 20 SEC