TUE, JANUARY 9, 2024 • S1 E53 • 1 HR 14 MIN 10 SEC

A testament to resilience and self-discovery with Ankhara Rose

Join us on a deeply introspective and eye-opening episode with Ankhara Rose, a human design expert who delves into the intricacies of understanding and embracing our true selves. Ankhara's life story is a testament to resilience and self-discovery. Raised by an unconventional mother and a father battling heroin addiction, her journey into therapy began at the age of three. She navigated through the turbulence of her childhood and overcame bulimia, finding strength and clarity through inner dialogues and self-reflection.

In this episode, Ankhara shares how human design can be a powerful tool for self-awareness and personal growth, helping individuals to accept and integrate even the shadow aspects of their personality. Her belief that "How women treat their bodies is how humanity treats the earth" offers profound insights into the connection between personal healing and global wellness.

Ankhara’s story is not just about overcoming personal challenges; it’s a compelling narrative of how intuition and human design principles can guide us towards being the best versions of ourselves. This episode promises a journey through unexpected twists and turns, guided by intuition, leading to a deeper understanding of the self. So, grab your favorite beverage and prepare to be both enlightened and inspired by Ankhara’s transformative journey.

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TUE, JANUARY 9, 2024


1 HR 14 MIN 10 SEC