MON, JANUARY 29, 2024 • S1 E62 • 54 MIN 58 SEC

Unlocking Healthy Communication: A Journey Through Childhood Patterns with Tehilla Luttig

In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Tehilla Luttig, a couples counselor and coach, to explore the intricate world of relationships and communication. Tehilla's unique journey from working with children's parents to becoming a couples communication expert has given them invaluable insights into how childhood experiences shape our adult relationships.

Tehilla shares her remarkable ability to sense clients' energies and how they utilize exercises to release negative energy, all while avoiding burnout. Tehilla delve’s into the profound impact of unresolved wounds from our family of origin on our relationship choices, emphasizing the importance of healing these wounds to build healthier connections.

Join the discussion with Myself and Tehilla as we look at how our childhoods influenced our communication styles within any partnerships. Tehilla provides essential guidance on trusting and expressing anger appropriately as a means of feeling safe, enhancing listening skills, and understanding different perspectives during disagreements.

Discover the significance of self-soothing before engaging in crucial conversations, a practice that can effectively de-escalate conflicts and foster healthier connections. Tehilla affirms that it's normal to experience challenges in relationships and encourages growth in self-trust to discern between safety and mere familiarity in potential partners.

Throughout the episode, Tehilla sheds light on the patterns that often stem from childhood and continue to influence our relationships. She emphasize the need to heal these patterns and recognize how they affect our choices in love and trust.

Tehilla's work not only transforms marriages but also positively impacts all relationships, starting with healing the primary ideas of trust and lovability.

If you're curious about the connection between your childhood experiences and your adult relationships, or if you're seeking insights on how to improve your communication and build healthier connections, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as Tehilla Luttig shares her wisdom, gained through years of experience and training, to help you unlock the secrets of healthy communication and more fulfilling relationships. 

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MON, JANUARY 29, 2024


54 MIN 58 SEC