THU, DECEMBER 14, 2023 • S1 E50 • 48 MIN 51 SEC

Inner Connection, Outer Impact: Shannon Bretecher's Journey with Special Needs Advocacy

Embark on a profound journey of interconnection and advocacy with Shannon Bretecher in our latest episode. Shannon's dedication to forging meaningful connections begins within, empowering individuals to extend these bonds outward, particularly in the realm of parenting special needs children.

Drawing from her personal experiences with her daughter's rare condition, optic nerve hypoplasia, Shannon shares her insights into the challenges and triumphs of securing proper support and services. Her story is a beacon for parents navigating similar paths, highlighting the importance of strong advocacy and informed communication with educational and medical professionals.

Beyond the personal narrative, Shannon discusses the often-overlooked need for parental support in the special needs community. Understanding the isolating nature of this journey, she emphasizes the power of connecting with others and building a confident, informed approach to managing and advocating for their child's unique needs.

Shannon's next steps involve expanding her specialized coaching services, providing guidance and support to parents of special needs children. Listeners interested in gaining from her expertise are encouraged to reach out via Instagram. Join us in this heartening episode that not only sheds light on the challenges faced by special needs families but also celebrates the resilience and adaptability within these remarkable communities.

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THU, DECEMBER 14, 2023


48 MIN 51 SEC