SAT, MARCH 23, 2024 • S1 E77 • 56 MIN 30 SEC

Living with Purpose: A Journey of Legacy and Healing with Laura Carney

In this deeply moving episode, we sit down with Laura Carney, author of a poignant memoir inspired by her late father's bucket list. Laura shares her heartfelt journey of completing her father's list, unraveling family secrets, and finding healing amidst grief.

Join us as Laura opens up about the profound impact of her father's passing and the unexpected discoveries she made while embarking on his bucket list adventures. From confronting her own fears to embracing the power of storytelling, Laura's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Discover how Laura's experiences with distracted driving advocacy and marathon running became catalysts for personal growth and self-discovery. Through her candid reflections, Laura reveals the transformative power of vulnerability, kindness, and gratitude in navigating life's challenges and finding true fulfillment.

Whether you're grappling with loss, seeking inspiration to live with intention, or simply looking for a reminder of the beauty of human connection, this episode offers profound insights and uplifting wisdom that will resonate with listeners of all backgrounds.

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SAT, MARCH 23, 2024


56 MIN 30 SEC