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Empowerment in Entrepreneurship: Leslie Kuster's 'Back from Bali' Success Story

Dive into this empowering episode as we chat with Leslie Kuster, entrepreneur, author, and creator of the brand "Back from Bali." Leslie takes us on her remarkable journey from a corporate PR professional to a successful entrepreneur. She shares how her eye-opening trip to Bali led to the inception of her unique clothing line and how she navigated the entrepreneurial world, transforming her business from a modest five-figure venture to a thriving multiple 7-figure empire over 20 years.

Leslie candidly discusses her pivotal realization when she found herself "waiting in her princess tower" for rescue. This moment of clarity spurred her to take control of her destiny, step into her power, and drastically scale her business. Through her book, "7 Keys to 7 Figures," Leslie aims to inspire and guide women entrepreneurs who may believe it's too late or doubt their capabilities. Her message is clear: it's never too late to make a decision for success, regardless of age or stage in life.

The first key Leslie shares is the undeniable need to truly want it. She delves into what this desire looks like in practice, providing insights and actionable strategies to break down overwhelming goals into manageable steps, thereby reducing fear and fostering focused growth.

Listen in as Leslie unfolds the secrets to becoming more powerful and intentional in your entrepreneurial journey. Her tips and strategies are not just theories but tested truths that have shaped her success. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner looking for inspiration, Leslie's story and advice are sure to resonate and motivate. Grab your notebook, and let's learn how to transform aspirations into tangible achievements with Leslie Kuster!

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THU, JANUARY 18, 2024


45 MIN 23 SEC