SAT, OCTOBER 28, 2023 • S1 E43 • 1 HR 2 MIN 51 SEC

Embracing Light in Darkness: David Shamszad's Triumph Over Mental Health

David Shamszad's journey is one marked by trials, tribulations, and immense resilience. Having grappled with profound mental health challenges, he made a life-altering choice to face his struggles head-on. Today, he stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. In this episode, David vulnerably delves into the depths of his struggles, revealing the darkest corners of his journey and the pivotal moments that led him to change course. Now a thriving businessman in sunny California, alongside his loving wife and young son, David's story will challenge your perceptions of mental health, inspire you with his bravery, and offer a beacon of hope to all facing similar battles. Join us to witness a tale of transformation and the enduring human spirit.

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Todays Dream Tomorrows Reality


SAT, OCTOBER 28, 2023


1 HR 2 MIN 51 SEC