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Sobriety, Transformation, and Living Authentically with Amy C Willis

In this powerful episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Amy C Willis, an accomplished writer, inspiring public speaker, and dedicated coach. Amy's life story is one of unwavering resilience and transformative change, marked by their battle with alcohol addiction that spanned an arduous 15 years.

Amy's struggles with addiction were further complicated by their father's own long-standing battle with alcoholism. However, an inflection point emerged when their father passed away, serving as a profound catalyst for Amy to reevaluate their complex relationship with alcohol. This introspective journey led to periods of intentional sobriety, ultimately resulting in their impressive, seven-year-plus sobriety.

Listen closely as Amy unveils how sobriety became the cornerstone of a life brimming with freedom, self-assuredness, and fulfillment. While it is possible to attain sobriety independently, Amy passionately underscores the profound impact that coaching can have on simplifying the process, thwarting relapses, and offering essential accountability and community support. They generously share their evidence-based blueprint for achieving enduring transformation and empowerment.

Amy candidly discusses the challenges they faced in the context of their social circles, where alcohol had long been the glue that held relationships together. As sobriety took center stage, some friendships naturally faded, while others struggled to comprehend or endorse Amy's newfound clarity. However, through this transformative journey, Amy summoned the courage to embrace their authentic self.

Moreover, Amy's commitment to supporting women and individuals within the LGBTQ+ community on their journey to building fulfilling, alcohol-free lives shines brightly. Beyond their coaching role, Amy holds certifications as a yoga and meditation teacher and an EFT/tapping practitioner. These modalities enrich their toolkit, offering valuable practices to clients and their community. Amy also wears the hats of workshop host, facilitator, writer, and public speaker, further extending their reach and impact.

If you're seeking inspiration, profound wisdom, and a roadmap to break free from addiction, embrace sobriety, and unlock your authentic potential, this episode is an absolute must-listen. Amy C Willis's journey stands as a testament to the power of transformation, resilience, and authentic living. Their dedication to empowering women and the LGBTQ+ community on their path to building vibrant, alcohol-free lives is a shining example of unwavering support and compassion.
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MON, JANUARY 29, 2024


54 MIN 33 SEC