WED, JUNE 28, 2023 • S1 E19 • 1 HR 29 MIN 38 SEC

Meet Jason (aka Fluffy )an amputee, with humor and life lessons

 Welcome to "The Fluffy Hour", where we delve into the extraordinary journeys of an individual who has overcome adversity and discovered the power within themselves. In today's episode, we have the pleasure of introducing Jason, affectionately known as Fluffy by his friends. While he may appear as an ordinary human, there's much more to him than meets the eye.Jason, has an infectious sense of humor and a penchant for wordplay that often results in amusing puns. But what sets him apart is his unique perspective on life and his remarkable ability to facilitate healing and empowerment in others. As a below the knee amputee, he embodies resilience in the face of physical challenges, with his missing foot currently enjoying a sabbatical in Kentucky, accompanied by his friend Mary.Beyond his physical journey, Jason has embarked on a profound spiritual exploration. Drawing from his pagan roots, infused with a touch of Christianity, he primarily works with the Nordic Pantheon and proudly wears the Vallnut symbol on his back. This ancient emblem represents the dual forces of death and rebirth, destruction and creation, encapsulating the profound transformative energies he channels.Not content with conventional approaches, Jason is a self-proclaimed chaos magician, harnessing the principles of quantum physics and the multiverse to shift energy and probabilities. Through his intuitive gifts and psychic abilities, he acts as a facilitator for healing and ascension, empowering individuals to transcend their traumas and step into their own power.Jason's personal journey of transformation began two years ago when he faced the gradual loss of his lower leg due to neglect and diabetes. Coinciding with his persistent request for the universe to dismantle his fears and guide him towards a better life, this marked the third year of his unwavering commitment. Now in his fifth year, Jason has witnessed remarkable upgrades in all aspects of his life.His triumphs are awe-inspiring — from finding the love of his life to overcoming life-threatening medical conditions, including the miraculous restoration of his pancreas function, which has allowed him to manage his blood sugar levels. Recently, he also made the courageous decision to move out of his family home, forging a new path of independence and self-discovery.Yet, despite his remarkable progress, Jason grapples with the profound concept that happiness is his birthright. However, he embraces this struggle as a reminder to remain grateful for the transformative journey he has embarked upon. In his pursuit of joy and humor, he is accompanied by Baxter, an emotional support stuffed animal who regularly joins him for coffee at the local cafe.With an unwavering commitment to his own healing and empowerment, Jason uses his personal experiences as a catalyst for change in others. He firmly believes that everyone has the potential to step into their power, and he shares his wisdom and insights to help others find their own path to empowerment and love. Jason envisions his teachings as a contagious force, spreading like a virus of empowerment throughout the world.Join us on "The Fluffy Hour" as we dive deep into Jason's incredible journey, exploring the transformative power of joy, healing, and self-discovery. Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and reminded of the immense potential that resides within each of us.

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WED, JUNE 28, 2023


1 HR 29 MIN 38 SEC